e-Engagement Capacity
Enhancement for NGOs


Workshops and self-learning
materials on Web usage
and e-engagement.

Case Study

Analyses on the status
and best practices
of NGOs in HK.


Understanding our
Cyber Youth Population.

e-Engagement Capacity Enhancement for NGOs

Project Overview

In this project, a series of workshops will provide training to local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on the fundamentals of utilizing the internet to engage target end users via web 2.0 websites and social media. Ultimately, NGOs will be better equipped to more effectively find and engage end users online. This workshop follows ExCEL3's proposed themes of strategic marketing plans and internet strategies to empower the third sector and boost capacity to cope with the constantly changing environment.

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Dr. Michael Chau, School of Business
Professor Cecilia Cheng, Department of Psychology
Professor Paul Yip, Department of Social Work and Social Administration

ExCEL3: Excellence in Capacity-building on Entrepreneurship and Leadership for the Third-sector

This inter-disciplinary ExCEL3 project aims to build the capacity of Non-Governmental Organisations and empower civil society in Hong Kong, as well as build research and teaching capacity in the study of civil society within the University. Through training, sharing, and research, the project seeks to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship, to strengthen the leadership, management, governance and organisational capacity of the third sector; and to build a platform that brings together philanthropists, foundations, and institutional investors with Non-Governmental Organisations, as well as the academic community.