Artificial Intelligence Research

The University of Hong Kong

What We Do

The Artificial Intelligence Research Group is a research group in the Faculty of Business and Economics (HKU Business School) at the University of Hong Kong. Led by Professor Michael Chau, the group focuses on a vast range of research topics including business intelligence and analytics, health informatics, fintech, and security informatics. The group is particularly focused on text mining and natural language processing and has received funding from various funding agencies including the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, the Food and Health Bureau, and the Central Policy Unit.

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Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Room 1324, K. K. Leung Building
HKU Business School
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road
Hong Kong
P: (852) 3917-1014

Business Analytics

Proposing novel designs using data mining and text mining techniques to facilitate organizations in conducting business intelligence and analytics.

Smart Health

Using advanced data and text mining techniques on social media to facilitate decision making in physical and mental healthcare.


Analyzing large volumes of financial and social media data to reveal hidden relationship and patterns in equity and P2P markets.

Security Informatics

Using data mining and text mining techniques in systems related to crime and security.

Information Retrieval

Devising effective and efficient ways to address the problem of information overload.

IT in Education

Studying novel ways to apply information technologies in teaching and learning.